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Erica Waddell Clothing makes every effort to fulfill your expectations and exceed the value for the money. That said, your body is your responsibility, so please review your actual measurements in comparison to the appropriate chart below before ordering online.

Choose your size based on the measurements taken below in comparison to the measurements on the ensuing size charts. Do not refer to your sizes based on what you commonly wear, as every designer and brand defines sizes their own way.




In general, pick a size based on the appropriate measurements. If you are buying a top, refer only to the bust/chest measurements. If you are buying a bottom, focus on the hip measurements. For dresses, use the largest size based on your bust, waist, and hips. Inseams can easily be changed to accommodate petite or tall sizes by leaving a note in the comments box at checkout.  If you are not sure about your size, provide your actual measurements in the comments of the item before checkout. 

BUST  / CHEST: Measure around the widest part of your chest, generally across the nipple and lower shoulder blades. Be sure to stay parallel to the floor. For women, measure with the bra you intend to wear with the clothes when measuring, or, if that isn't possible, bend over at the waist so that gravity can determine where your widest part. US bra sizes are also provided for guidance.

WAIST: Bend to the side and mark where the side creases inward the most, generally right beneath the rib cage. Measure around that point, staying parallel to the floor.


HIPS: This is a euphemism for the widest part of your lower torso (generally your butt), not your actual hipbone. Measure around the widest part of your butt with your feet comfortably shoulder-width apart, staying parallel to the floor.

INSEAM: Standing barefoot with feet comfortably shoulder-width apart, measure from below your crotch to the floor, staying close to the leg. If not barefoot, measure to the heel of your foot but above the heel of the shoe (or longer if preferred).


Note that some clothes include specific measurements in the product descriptions for further guidance.


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