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This vacation-inspired coastline dress shows off your curves while remaining modest. Soft, simple, and striking, you'll get a lot of people asking to see your passport when they see you in this dress.


The riviera flyover photographic print includes deep blue, bright azure, gentle jade, mercurial brick, and harmonious gold. The front is mirrored, as is the back, but not the tapered 3/4 length sleeves, creating a rocking wave feel that will keep people watching you.


This pullover dress is made in a cotton spandex blend for easy movement. The crew neckline and tapered 3/4 length sleeves make this simple sheath a comfortable option for the office or the airport. The hemline falls just below the knees. 


Note that some shrinkage may occur. Machine wash gently and dry low to avoid fading.

Coastline Stretch Cotton Sheath Dress

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 93% cotton, 7% elastane