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Everything will be coming up roses when you start wearing these 100% silk boyshorts! Made from stretchy silk jersey, this shorts set will turn your panty drawer into garden party!

Choose from: 
- Mixed Bouquet - assorted floral prints with a coordinating solid
- Pastel Blossoms - lighter shade floral prints with a coordinating solid
- Dark Blooms - black background floral prints with a coordinating solid
- Wild Flowers - brightly colored floral prints with a coordinating solid


Our 100% silk jersey has among the most optimal air permeability of any fabric. Perfect for long wear, these silk panties keep you fresh down there for well over 24 hours. Silk jersey is a comfy, light knit with a bit of give and stretch. Treat your nether regions to amazing softness and barely-there breathability.


Boyshorts are great for minimizing embarrassing panty lines under semi-fitted skirts and dresses because the bottom hems stop low on the butt. There are no side seams for a smooth look under tight clothes. The rise goes up to the based of your hipbone, and the gusset is lined with a contrasting fabric.


At Erica Waddell Clothing, we use zigzag stitching to allow the fabric to stretch properly without breaking the thread.

Floral Silk Boyshorts Three-Piece Gift Set

  • 100% silk