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Inspired by the colors of the Holi festival, this vibrant lounging robe is a great alternative to a jacket or an exotic travel wrap for your next trip. Made from 100% silk habotai, the garment features a bright paint splatter print in scrumptious shades of sweet persimmon, yellow squash, black pepper, and avocado green with splashes of azure blue covering a white background with Hindi script.


Handmade from plain weave silk, it has a light hand. It is meant to be cinched with the black silk dupioni that comes with it. It has 2/3 length sleeves and stops a few inches below the butt, measuring about 34 inches long. It has squared off kimono style sleeves for a breezy look that is popular as both high street fashion and luxury resort lounging.

Mynah Bird Silk Dressing Robe

$108.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price
  • 100% silk