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This variety pack includes one of each of the following styles of 100% silk panties that we make here at Erica Waddell Clothing:

  • Thong
  • Bikini / Tanga
  • Low Brief
  • Hippie / Hipster
  • Granny Brief
  • High-Waisted Brief
  • Boyshorts


Our 100% silk jersey has among the most optimal air permeability of any fabric. Perfect for long wear, these silk panties keep you fresh down there for well over 24 hours. Silk jersey is a comfy, light knit with a bit of give and stretch. Treat your nether regions to amazing softness and barely-there breathability.


Choose from the following themed sets:

  • Solid Colors Only:
    • Classic Solids
      • Solid colors in traditional underwear colors (black, off-white, skin tones, neutral colors, pink, or red)
    • Mixed Solids
      • Solid colors, including bright and pastel colors
  • Prints and Solids:
    • Erica's Choice
      • Random printed and solid panties
    • Artsy Fartsy
      • For an artist or muse, solids and prints inspired by sketching, graffiti, painting, and artists
    • Blue Belle
      • Perfect for brides-to-be with all blue solids and prints
    • Bold and Beautiful
      • Bright solids and large-scale patterns with corresponding colors
    • Dark and Handsome
      • Prints and solids in gray, brown, black, olive, and blue tones
    • Diamonds and Pearls
      • Glam out with ritzy prints and coordinating solids
    • Garden Party
      • Floral prints and matching solids
    • Great Gatsby
      • Art deco prints and matching solids for flapper girls
    • Hot for Teacher
      • Reading, writing, and arithmetic themed prints and solids
    • Marrakesh Express
      • Middle Eastern themed prints and exotic colors
    • Mas Aztlan
      • Mexican themed patterns and bold solids
    • Nudes and Naturals
      • Sample our skin-tone match solids along with tan-tinged prints
    • Pretty and Pastel
      • Light colors and soft prints
    • Princess and the Pee
      • Fairy tale prints and solids fit for a queen
    • Shagadelic 1960s
      • Psychedelic prints with far-out colors
    • South by Southwest
      • Native American inspired prints and western landscape solids
    • Trip to the Tropics
      • Jungle inspired prints and bright solids
    • Wild and Woolly
      • Animal prints with coordinating solids


These variety packs are packaged in our gift box for a present to yourself or your loved one. Customization is also available.

Silk Lingerie 7-Piece Variety Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 100% silk