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Pink Peacock is the New Red

Have you been following the news lately? If you've tuned in to your favorite TV news, you've probably seen something like this.

Notice anything?

The hot color of fall 2018 is, well...

Is it magenta?


Hot pink?

I checked with the experts: Pantone. They call it Pink Peacock, and they forecast it as a hot fashion color for fall 2018 through spring 2019.

Want to add it in your wardrobe?

We were feeling the heat of pink peacock when we launched our fall 2018 collection Chromatic Scale.

And splashes of it are in the spring 2017 Flowers, Spake Thee Well, of which some pieces are available.

Pro Tips for Pink Peacock

  • Think of it as red, but with a cool intensity.

  • As the collage above shows, it's for any skin tone and any age. It creates a great contrast on darker tones and brightens lighter tones. It makes older women look more youthful and makes younger women look more confident.

  • There are a few variants of this shade, some that are more purple and some are more pink. Try out a few shades if you aren't sure which color is right for you.

Four Ways to Wear It

  1. As a top under a solid suit.

  2. As a tunic over leggings over black leggings.

  3. As a day dress with draping or ruching in the front.

  4. As a jacket that can be removed if you feel too bright.

Click here to shop now.

However you wear pink peacock, share with us how you strut your stuff on Instagram @EricaWaddellClothing or Pinterest at

Dress fierce!

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